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What are some examples of matters handled by Energized.Today?

As we work with the spirit, we only treat the energy dimensions. As a result, beliefs, ideas, behaviors, and words become secondary in the process. One bonus of this approach turns out to be that an Energy Practitioner can accept clients with virtually any belief system and presentation of an issue. Therefore, the sky is the limit! So, probably the best way to answer this question is to list some of the labels clients choose to describe their interest when seeking to improve their energy. This is only a partial list, in no particular order. Eventually, it will be alphabetized. Most people will find things on it that may be relevant and many that never would be. If you wish to use the list to help you describe your own issue, the best way to do so is to simply glance through it for terms that speak to you. 



  • past failures

  • fear of flying

  • handling criticism

  • insomnia

  • tough situation

  • handling conflicts

  • reducing cravings

  • goals

  • forgiveness

  • prosperity

  • adjusting to a new job

  • court case

  • creating a new habit

  • emotionally numb

  • academic test success

  • stress

  • difficulty introspecting

  • bored with school

  • making new friends

  • improving stage presence

  • motivation

  • confidence

  • job loss

  • parenting

  • fear of aging

  • pre-menstrual tension

  • getting musical passion back

  • general emotional pain

  • memorizing script lines

  • committing to marriage

  • success in sporting competition

  • overcoming generational curses

  • increasing love awareness

  • improved reading comprehension

  • life purpose

  • bullying

  • body image

  • improving concentration 

  • divorce

  • activating magic

  • empathy overload

  • learning to drive

  • law of attraction

  • fear of dogs

  • coping with news of a medical diagnosis

  • finishing a project on time

  • recovering from rejection

  • restoring morale

  • audition success

  • intimacy

  • loss of interest

  • recovering from spiritual abuse

  • accelerated learning

  • grieving /  bereavement

  • anxiety before a surgery

  • confidential support

  • alcohol abuse

  • anger

  • improving effectiveness of communication

  • wanting more artistic inspiration






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